The Pluralists Club is the home for those people who are, or wish to be, Pluralists. Our members are successful business people, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to answer the question what next? The Club gives them the insights, knowledge and contacts to shape and pursue their ambitions.

The Club is for Pluralists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who want to build a Plural career.

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Members have access to all Club events at no additional cost. If you would like to know more please contact us.

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The Pluralists Club

Top talent today is not being restricted to a single career for life. Instead, the best use their skills to create their ideal work-life balance of voluntary, creative, entrepreneur and angel roles, as well as an NED or two.


The Pluralists Club is for successful business people who wish to control their careers on their own terms, who want to diversify their employment and explore and exploit opportunities in new areas, who wish to seek a better work life balance, or simply have no desire to retire!

Being a Pluralist means you fit your activities into the boxes you choose, rather than those others choose for you. You manage your personal blend of wealth generation with voluntary and family commitments, all to attain the personal and financial satisfaction which is at the heart of being a Pluralist.

The Pluralist Club exists for people with entrepreneurial spirit and attitude, who wish to develop, or are already enjoying, a Plural Career - the new and better way of working and living.


The Club is about you, not your business. We build your knowledge, skills and network through insight conversations with successful Pluralists and subject experts, personal professional development afternoons, and social and networking evenings, to help you reap the full benefit of a Plural Career.

The Pluralists Club is your trusted home as a Pluralist. A place where you can enjoy connecting with your peers, find new opportunities, and be inspired to plan and achieve a successful and balanced Pluralist life and portfolio career.

People. Insights. Opportunities.

When you've achieved success in business the best reward is being able to chose what you do and when, and be properly rewarded for it. The Pluralists Club is the place to build a new work-life balance while enjoying good company, new perspectives, and developing new portfolio strands.

Steffan Williams, CEO of Newgate Communications, Pluralist


Our foundation members in the spotlight

Lara Morgan

Lara started out in business in 1991 founding Pacific Direct, the leading supplier of luxury licensed brand toiletries to hotels in the UK. She then proceeded to grow the business worldwide, and it now has manufacturing in China and the Czech Republic, 9 international sales offices and delivery to more than 110 countries. She is also a founder member of the Young Entrepreneurs organisation, and a three times finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award...

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