What is The Pluralists Club?

Top talent today is not being restricted to a single career for life. Instead, the best are using their skills to create their own ideal work-life balance, with a main job alongside voluntary, creative, entrepreneur and angel roles, as well as a non-executive directorship or two.

The Pluralists Club exists for those people wishing to develop, or already enjoying, a Plural Career.

Is the Club for you?

The Pluralists Club is for professionals who wish to control their careers on their own terms; for successful business people wanting to diversify their employment and explore and exploit opportunities in new areas; and for those who seek a better work life balance or who have no desire to retire!

What does the Club offer?

The Pluralists Club offers a range of practical and experience career development days, networking evenings, a Members-only Investor Club and engagement opportunities to equip its Members with the skills to pursue and then reap the benefits of a Plural Career − a new and better way of working and living

Why Join?

Being a Pluralist means you fit your activities into the boxes you choose, rather than letting others choose them for you. You manage your personal blend of wealth generation with voluntary and family commitments, all to attain the personal and financial satisfaction which is at the heart of being a Pluralist.

What you can expect

The Pluralists Club exists to give you the level of assistance and support you need to plan and meet your personal goals in the short, medium, and long term.

Key benefits include:



Unlimited attendance at the Pluralists Live! meetings. Covering everything from practical help in becoming a Pluralist to specific experiences within the Plurocracy.



Complimentary membership our physical club in Piccadilly. Open daily (inc weekends), you can bring guests at no extra charge. You can relax or work and get drinks and/or meals up until 9pm.



24/7 Access to Pluralists Online. our exclusive online community, where you can engage with us and other Pluralists 24/7.



The Pluralists Club does play as well as work! Included in your membership are places at our club events, including the Annual Dinner, summer party and Christmas celebration!



Invitations to all our exclusive networking evenings. to help you build the contacts needed to exploit a Pluralist life and do business.



Access to NED, coaching and consulting opportunities many of which are exclusive to members.





the genre of pluralists





a person who pursues many different earning activities simultaneously or consecutively

Interested? We'd love to hear from you!

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