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The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club

The Pluralists Club offers you a new and better way to work and live

Pluralists are by their nature cross-sector professionals, so it can be difficult to find appropriate advice and support from people with a wider perspective. Most training, networking and career progression structures are focused on the sector they serve, blinkered to the opportunities and needs of a Plural career.


Access to all our Pluralist Live! Days 
Every month or so we hold a Pluralists Live! event. This is a series of one day meetings which cover everything from practical advice, hints and tips on how to manage multiple roles or set up a business, to introductions to different career opportunities in our ‘So you want to be...’ sessions.

Networking Evenings 
To be successful you have to know the right people, and in a Plural career you need to know a wider range of people than in any traditional profession.  These evenings which take place every 4-6 weeks will help you meet the people with whom you can do business.  

Club Events and Celebrations 
Every year we bring together our members, contributors and supporters to celebrate the Club, all of its members, and all of their achievements at an exclusive dinner and networking event. We also have a great summer drinks party and our very own 'office christmas party' in December to ensure you have the chance to play as well as work!

The Pluralists Investors Club 
The Pluralists Investors Club offers you an exclusive opportunity to work with and invest in some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and their exciting growing businesses. It will also bring you very special opportunities in areas such as Social Investment, the Sharing Economy, as well access to investment opportunities in private equity funds on favourable terms.

Pluralists Online 
Our exclusive online community, where you can engage with us and other Pluralists 24/7, ask questions, and book events. 

Personalised Coaching 
The opportunity to have one-on-one coaching on specific aspects of being a Pluralist personalised to your own requirements (additional charges will apply).



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First Annual Dinner with guest speaker.

Pluralists Live! So you think you know best? Do you want to blog, vlog, tweet, write for a newspaper or be better at communicating? We will give you the tools you need.

Therefore, we established The Pluralists Club, a members club which offers career development, training and networking opportunities to aspiring and established Pluralists in a new and engaging way. In addition our Members have access to our Investor Club, bespoke individual coaching, and the tools to make dreams into reality.


Club events - typical annual calendar

The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club


The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club
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For those wishing to develop a portfolio career


What membership gives you

The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club

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The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club



Networking evening: Explore the future in Whiskey - bond over a quiet drink discussing whiskey futures.

Pluralists Live! The Practical Pluralist - everything you need to know about how to be a Pluralist.


Networking evening: Learn to Parachute - have you got what it takes to be an interim?

Pluralists Live! Walk the corridors of power. Do you have opinions on politicians - who they are and what they do? Is it time you joined them?


Networking evening: Grow wings - meet angel and private investors to find out what being an angel means.

Pluralists Live! Sell your Wisdom. We show you how to identify which NED roles are right for you, what they involve and how you get them.


Pluralists Live! Giving back - there’s a charity to benefit from everyone’s skills. We will help you to make sure you choose one that enables you to do real good for the organisation, but that also works for you.


Networking evening: join us for a performance - laughter, music, this is how to entertain!

Pluralists Live! Inspire crowds - Public speaking is an art and a science, learn the art of oratory and becoming a public speaker.


Networking evening: Meet the people who will help you create a Unicorn from your business idea.

Pluralists Live! Be a Rock Star! How to turn hobbies into something more, from being a rockstar to a wood-turner.


Club Summer party! The location and your fellow guests will inspire you!


Pluralists away enjoying a well deserved holiday!


Networking evening: Join Angels, VC and PE to consider the world of investing in fast growth businesses.

Pluralists Live! Start your own business - the perils & pitfalls, joys & opportunities in taking an idea to commercial success.


Networking evening: Getting on Board - a second evening to meet headhunters, Heads of HR and NEDs to help find your perfect board.

Pluralists Live! Write a bestseller - but how do you write, publish and make money out of your bestseller?


Our very special Club members only Christmas party. This is your very own office Christmas party with all the best and none of the worst bits!!

The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club


The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club

The Pluralists Club - The Pluralists Club

The Pluralists Club