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Networking evenings - Networking evenings

Networking evenings

We know that one of the differences between successful and unsuccessful Pluralists is often down to the quality of an individual's network.  The more relevant and larger your network it, the more likely you will be able to pursue the perfect Pluralist life for you.  

Therefore we partner with friends in organisations that really want to know you.  Every month or so we hold a joint networking evening with these friends who bring along valuable and relevant people  that you should know.

We also invite interesting and entertaining speakers to inspire you.

Where and where? 

Networking evenings take place from 6.00pm to 9.00pm at venues in central London that are attractive, convenient and often unusual, such as contemporary art spaces, historic buildings or breweries!

Grow wings:

What does it take to be an Angel?

Spend an evening with experienced angel and other private investors looking at exciting investment opportunities where you don’t just put your money to work but also your talents. What is unique about our angel deals is that everyone has specific and serious roles which you can accept in the businesses being presented.

Learn to Parachute:

Have you got what it takes to be an interim?

Becoming a successful Pluralist involves sharing your time and expertise in parcels. Sometimes this involved small parcels on a regular basis and sometimes a large parcel for a full but specified period of time. Come and learn how to paracute in and, importantly, escape from, the senior roles you deserve, so you can take up the next one.

Explore the future
in whiskey

We take bonding over a quiet drink to a new level with this entertaining evening discussing whiskey, discovering what it takes to set up a new distillery, and exploring whether you can invest in whiskey futures!

Spend an evening with your fellow Pluralists and those who can help you build your Plural career

Networking evenings - Networking evenings
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In first class with your
fellow NEDs

It’s a fact that you have to be known to win great NED roles. Taking place in a 1st class location, this evening will be for headhunters, experienced NEDs and our own members ONLY and will be your opportunity to mingle and make friends with people who want to know about you.

For those wishing to develop a portfolio career


Please call us. +44 (0) 7736 676 212

Networking evenings