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Pluralists Live! - Pluralists Live!

Every month we hold Pluralists Live!, our masterclasses to explore themes and areas of interest to a Pluralist. We recommend that a member tries to attend as many meetings as possible to get the most benefit from membership.

We offer a Practical Days which covers useful things you need to know about pursuing a Plural career and Experience Days which cover different types of Plural activity.

The Practical Pluralist – advice hints and tips from the experts

Our practical meetings take you through all the things you need to know to transition successfully into a Plural career, including:

  • shaping your financial footprint - planning short, medium and long term finances
  • me, myself and I - being Plural and what this means for your public face
  • time to go Plural - how to juggle the multiple commitments of a Plural lifestyle

Ideal for new members of the Club, The Practical Pluralist lasts from 10.00am until 4.30pm and is followed by a networking reception for everyone who attends and other people that all Pluralists need to know.

"So you want to..." choose the type of Pluralist you want to be 

Our experience days introduce you to the myriad opportunities you have as a Pluralist, all under the theme of  "So you want to... "

Be a Non Executive Director

There are as many types of non-executive directorship as there are executive ones. From directing a start up, through VC/PE portfolio companies, small cap quoted, family owned and, of course, FTSE quoted companies, there are an enormous variety of roles you can win. We guide you through identifying which ones are right for you, what they involve and how you get them. By the end of the day you will know which ones are for you now, later or maybe never!

When and where?

"So you want to be" meetings will be held in central London at our base in Mayfair, London and will last from 2.00pm to 5pm.  Each day includes a delicious lunch and fountains of tea and coffee!  An expert speaker on the topic will share their wisdom with you and we hold interactive engagement sessions to help you understand whether you want to pursue that option now, later or never!

We announce all dates for Pluralists Live! in Pluralists Online and also send you regular notifications by email well in advance. Members can book their place at any of the meetings via the booking system in Pluralists Online or by emailing or calling us.

Start a business

Many people want to express their entrepreneurial side, and it is known that people with more business/life experience are more likely make a start-up a success. Experts will explain the perils and pitfalls, joys and opportunities in taking an idea to a commercial success. Come and test your business idea on some amongst your fellow members! By the end of the day you will know what you still don’t know, and be ready to move forward more successfully.

So you think you know best?

Whether you want to blog, vlog, tweet, write for a newspaper or just be better at communicating your wisdom in a work or voluntary environment, we will give you the tools you need. Understand how to communicate in a way that today’s world understands and can absorb perfectly. Find out how to join the road to becoming THE expert in your specialist field, and uncover how by becoming that expert, lucrative and perhaps unexpected opportunities emerge.

Write a bestseller

Who has not dreamed of writing a bestselling novel or business book that sits on the shelves of every bookshop? With the help of established authors you will learn about plots and structure, use of English, how to plan the book, allocating time to writing, and about vital things such as self-publication vs getting commissioned, finding an agent to represent you, what money you can expect to make from your opus and what happens after you have published!

Inspire crowds

Public speaking is an art and a science. If you want to hold a room (small or large) in the palm of your hand, we will show you how. From whether or not to use slides and video and how to use them, to what you say and how you say it, this Experience Day will leave you confident that your public voice will be heard, your opinions respected and acted upon, and put you into a place where people will pay you for your stage time.

Be a "Rock star"

During the research for The Pluralists Club we found aspiring Pluralists with a common dream – to be a Rock star! Do you play an instrument in a local band at weekends or do you loves to sing, perform or make people laugh? Becoming a Rock star or performer is not impossible – think of Sting! Even if you just want to earn a bit of cash from your talent, by coming along to “be a Rock star” you will learn how to turn your hobby into something more.

Walk the corridors of power

We are willing to bet you have strong opinions on politicians - who they are, what they do, and how they say their piece. Is it time you joined them? From the parish council, local politics and even the national stage, to winning a Special Adviser appointment, there are many ways to contribute to how the country is run. On this day we will help you to explore what is right for you and how to start the journey to winning the role you choose.

Lead a charity

Many people fall into Pluralism through a voluntary role in a charity close to their hearts. Trusteeships are serious, with equivalent responsibilities and liabilities to business directorships. We will help you to make sure your choices enable you to do real good while also working for you. You will learn of the risks and the opportunities, and we will uncover the potential now on offer in the world of Social Enterprise and the Sharing Economy.

...and many more!

We will be offering many new and exciting Experience Days for our Members, and already have a number up our sleeves for the future (have you ever been interested in property development or collecting art as an investment, or getting involved in sport?) as well as evolving the programme to meet Members requests and needs.

Pluralists Live! - Pluralists Live!
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Pluralists Live!