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What We Do - What We Do

What We Do - What We Do

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What We Do


Our Private Online Workplace Group allows you to view member profiles, engage with other Pluralists, ask questions, book events and discuss business.

Investor Club

Our Private Investor Club offers members an exclusive opportunity to work with and invest in some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and their exciting, growing businesses.


To succeed you have to know the right people, and in a Plural career you need to know more people than in a traditional profession, so join us to meet them at our monthly networking evenings!


We bring the whole Club together to celebrate all their achievements at our annual dinner, summer reception, and our very own office Christmas Party! We also hold Insight Evenings when famous experts come and speak to the Club about their experiences.

Other Bonuses

Membership also comes with IT support, a Healthcare package and a free membership of Picturehouse Cinema Shaftesbury Avenue (with access to a Club Room in central London).

What you get


A series of classes covering everything from practical advice to introductions to new career opportunities. We also hold annual ‘refreshers’ for each class!

Why join us?

As more and more people are attracted to pursuing a portfolio career, many are finding that the benefits spread far beyond just work. A portfolio career is fast becoming a portfolio life, with the potential for enormous rewards.

However, the change from a traditional, singular career path to that of a diverse portfolio is not always a smooth one. Similarly, the adjustments at home can sometimes be just as challenging. Many of the support services and networks associated with a traditional, single workplace role disappear along with your title and advantage once you bid farewell over leaving drinks. There is a marked transition to the ‘new world’ of the portfolio lifestyle.

Who are we?

Pluralists are people with more than one earning activity, with each Plural career growing from the experiences of the individual and taking on its own distinct form.

What Pluralists have in common is success in a primary career and the desire and energy to take charge of their futures.

We work with our members to develop and maximise the benefits they receive as a Pluralist, or an aspiring Pluralist, from their career.

What We Do - What We Do

Added Bonuses

The Pluralists Club Membership comes with plenty of extra support to help you move into a Pluralist Career