Who We Are

Modwenna Rees-Mogg

The Pluralists Club was developed by Modwenna Rees-Mogg, who realised, as she balanced three companies, two NED roles, a home life and being a published author, that she was not alone in having a Plural career.  She soon also realised that there are many more aspiring ‘Pluralists’ who do not have the support structure to guide them in how to develop their own plural career. 

She says, “I realised that I was ideally placed to assist people wishing to expand their career horizons in non-traditional directions and to bring together a network of equally highly skilled professionals.”

Modwenna is a serial entrepreneur in the world of finance. She started her career at Kleinwort Benson, before moving to Somerset in 1996. In 2003 she founded AngelNews, the leading reporter on the Angel Industry. Alongside this Modwenna (somehow) finds time to be an NED at Albion Tech & General VCT PLC and Asset Match Ltd and run several Conferences each year. She is also the Co-Founder of CrowdRating.  She is a published author, and her next book, a reworking of The Canterbury Tales, will be published once she has had time to write it. 


Reece Williams

Reece has extensive senior management experience in brand development, change and operational leadership in both SMEs and large corporate beauty brands such as Coty, ghd, and Wella, through to boutique hospitality brands such as Home House, Century Soho.  With a strong record in sales and marketing, demonstrated across a range of luxury lifestyle sectors, he is experienced in delivering significant business growth with sure-footed leadership and management skills. He is a natural marketer with a keen understanding of branding and its key role in driving growth, whilst maintaining a grounded sense of self-worth and an encompassing sense of humour.

Annabel Merrylees

Annabel is a communications and PR specialist having spent more than 15 years working in Financial PR in the City. She then took on a second career of being a full time Mum and has been working closely with Modwenna for the past five years across a range of projects. For the past 3 years Annabel has also been involved in fund raising for the local primary school as the PTA Chair and is always looking for ways to add to her plural career.

Hatty Stafford Charles

Hatty is a content and marketing specialist who has worked with Modwenna in various roles for over 15 years. With previous experience at an education quango, as a property developer and in retail, Hatty is sector-agnostic and has a diverse range of interests. She currently also works in marketing for an environmentally-friendly embalming fluid company, chairs the management committee of her local community centre and sits as a magistrate in the criminal and family courts of Wiltshire.

Meet our Members

Pluralists come from a wide variety of backgrounds, although there are some common characteristics.

  • An existing successful career in business, professional or academic life
  • An ambition to take charge of their lives and enjoy working and being active for as long as possible
  • Believing they have skills and talents to offer other organisations and people
  • A desire to stay in or return to a working environment, but in a position of authority and with autonomy over their life
  • Avoid the tedium of "retirement"
  • A desire to earn money and/or satisfaction from their Pluralist activities
  • Wanting to build a new network of valuable contacts with whom they connect and can work with 

Typical Pluralists emerge from the following categories

  • Cashed out entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs planning to sell their business 
  • City professionals wishing to escape the rat race
  • C-Level executives looking to move on from corporate life 
  • People returning to work after a career break




Our Member journeys

Bill was an IT troubleshooter

Some of the most important CEOs in the world saw Bill as one of their most important and loyal workers. Bill aspired to be an NED. He was also a mean cook in his spare time. He came to the Pluralists Club to learn how to reposition himself to win an NED role, and was surprised to find out that with the right approach he could publish a best selling cook book for software developers called "IT's my supper" alongside an NED role and a part time IT consulting position.

Sally was a banker

She was sick of it but was earning too much to throw in the towel. She was surprised that on her first Pluralist Live! day the Club recommended that she should not leave her job - yet! She spent 18 months attending Pluralist Live! days to set herself up for a Pluralist life. She found that, in the meantime, through the networking evenings, she made lots of contacts which helped her win more business for her bank. After 18 months, she transitioned smoothly into her Plural career becoming a working investor in a fast growth business and picking up two Non Executive Directorships in FTSE 250 clients of her former employer.

Penny was a former bond trader

She made millions and then moved into management roles at various banks in the City. Then she retired at 45. She moved to the country and went stir crazy with the slow pace of life. She joined the Pluralists Club to work out what to do next. The Pluralist Live! Days helped her to understand how to position herself and got her back "up to date" with the working world which she had been out of for five years. As a result, she decided to start an information business for the small cap bond markets. Her first customer was Sally's bank (see above). She had met Sally regularly at The Pluralist Club's networking evenings.

Phillip was a publisher

He wasn't just any publisher - he was one of the leading magazine publishers of his generation. He fell out with his boss and resigned, vowing never to go back to the publishing industry again. He was suddenly stuck at home in the prime of his life so came to the Pluralists Club to get ideas. Through the Club he learnt how to blend his publishing skills with his own interest in natural therapies and wrote a book on how to run beauty salons more efficiently. As a result he became known as an subject expert and now wins lucrative consultancy contracts advising VCs and investors on which beauty businesses to back. He also accepted an NED position on the board of an AIM quoted FMCG beauty products company which takes up 1-2 days a month.

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