Challenges We Can Solve

Every individual is unique, every Pluralist career is unique

There is no mould which produces a Pluralist. No common origin or predetermined trajectory. It is entirely up to you. However, this immediately poses a problem as there is no well trodden training path or support methodology for Pluralists. To overcome the challenges of being a Pluralist we believe the best approach is to draw on the guidance of others with multifaceted careers.

If you want to break into a world where you are more highly valued and in control of your life, the Pluralists Club can help you. We are the preferred home for those wishing to learn how to pursue a successful Plural career, achieve new goals and build new networks, and be a success on your own terms and in the eyes of others.

Joining us will show you how to plan and execute your Pluralist career. You will learn how to optimise your time and earnings by undertaking work and projects, whether paid or voluntary, to ensure your satisfaction. You will build new and valuable relationships with relevant people who will add value to you and to whom you can add value.

Through networkings, consultancy, mentoring and investing the Pluralists Club could help you win lucrative NED positions. Furthermore, being a Pluralist can lead to exciting opportunities, such as becoming a renowned speaker, earning from your passion, or volunteering at the highest levels.

Pluralist careers have many origins ...

  • You are a City professional wanting to escape the rat race
  • You want more of a challenge
  • You are looking to get back to work after a career break
  • You are a C-level executive who has been let go
  • You have sold a business and are now bored
  • You are a career professional wanting a life change
  • You are a businessman approaching retirement age

... and many aspirations

  • To be a Non-Executive Director
  • To write a bestseller
  • To walk the corridors of power
  • To work with or be an entrepreneur
  • To advise, not just take advice
  • To give back
  • To be a Rockstar!

However all Pluralist careers have different requirements to traditional ones

What next?

A heightened ability actively to manage your working life, not only for now but in preparation for the future.

When by?

A greater need to optimise use of time on a day to day basis.

How much?

The need to manage a life where income may come from many different sources.

Who am I?

Establishing a unique identity by which others recognise you, which may include everything from how you dress and the lexicon of words you use through to how you generate your income.

Are there limits?

Remaining open to the many different opportunities available to a Pluralist, including making money out of your passion

How do I?

Being a Pluralist will require you to develop and hone new skills and knowledge across a wide range of topics.

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